Dimash - Across Endless Dimensions

Dimash Qudaibergen – Across Endless Dimensions (Theme song from Creators: The Past OST)
Music by Piergiuseppe Zaia
Lyrics by Antonella Maggio

Special effects by Artuniverse S.r.l. - cinematographic productions - with special thanks to Linda Antonietti, Marco Castellani, Eleonora Fani, Andrea Torreano, Piergiuseppe Zaia

Sad eyes lost into the dark
I miss to tears the source of my creation

My soul free from space and time
ready to ride across endless dimensions

So fly me high and hold me tight
From empty days to light

Show me stars, oceans of love
Show me the way to reach the core of my life

So fly me high and hold me tight
From empty deserts to light

Take me home back to my soul
Give me gold wings so I can touch the sky

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